Soil Sampling

Annual soil sampling and testing is important to keeping your lawn at its best. 

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The Science Behind a Beautiful Lawn: Why Soil Sampling Matters

Taking control of your lawn's health starts with understanding its unique science. A soil sample acts as a window into this hidden world, revealing critical information like pH level, potassium, and organic matter. These elements play a vital role in your lawn's ecosystem, influencing nutrient uptake, water retention, and overall resilience. Just like with a human health check, a soil test helps diagnose any imbalances and provides targeted solutions for vibrant, sustainable growth. By understanding the science behind your lawn, you can unlock a lush, healthy green space that thrives through every season.

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Science & Your Grass

Soil is the foundation of your lawn, so understanding the science beneath your grass is key to unlocking the potential of your lawn. Soil samples are analyzed by a third-party lab and delivered directly to you.

Chicken poop, AKA organic matter

Corrective Actions

The results of your soil test are used to determine the best course of action for your lawn. Supplements like organic matter (sourced from chicken poop), lime, and potassium significantly improve your lawn's health. 

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What is a Soil Sample?

To measure the properties of your soil, a soil sample is collected from your lawn and sent to an independent laboratory for testing. This laboratory specializes in soil testing, ensuring the most accurate information.

Samples are collected by Virginia Green Service Leaders with a soil probe—a hollow, metal, cylindrical tool that pulls a core of soil. Multiple core samples are taken throughout the turf, placed in a bag, and sent to the lab for analysis. 

As soon as the results are received, we will email the details directly to you!

Soil sample being taken from the ground and placed into a sample bag for analysis

Fundamentals of Good Soil

Your lawn's ability to support healthy, green grass starts with your soil.



The pH value of your soil measures the acidity or alkalinity of your soil. The pH of your soil provides a baseline representation of your soil's capacity to grow and maintain grass, and is directly correlated to the amount of magnesium and calcium present. Low pH values can be improved with corrective lime applications. 

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Potassium is crucial to the growth and maintenance of turf. Potassium helps with better water and nutrient uptake and regulating photosynthesis by building thicker cell walls promoting a healthy, strong plant so it can withstand various stresses such as drought, heat, cold and disease.

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Organic Matter

Organic Matter promotes healthy soil structure, nutrient retention, water holding capacity, and beneficial microbial activity. Organic matter is made up of material produced by living organisms, like decaying leaves, manure, and lawn clippings. Low organic matter can be amended by applying OSC.

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Do You Need Soil Sampling for Your Lawn?

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