Organic Soil Conditioner (OSC)

Virginia Green's Organic Soil Conditioner boosts the organic matter in your lawn, creating the perfect foundation for healthy grass. 

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Boost Organic Matter to Unlock a Thriving Lawn

Many lawns are lacking sufficient organic matter levels to support healthy turf. Virginia Green's Organic Soil Conditioner is designed to stimulate soil activity to produce the beneficial microbes and increase organic matter in your soil.

What is Organic Matter?

Organic matter is like tiny bits of leftovers in your soil. It's made up of decomposed leaves, roots, animal poop, and anything else living that used to be on your lawn. Organic matter is essentially a superfood for your soil, feeding the microbes in your lawn.

Increasing Your Organic Matter Level

Many lawns, especially in our region, are low in organic matter. When homes are built, very little topsoil is left, removing much of the organic matter. The level of organic matter in your lawn can be determined by a soil test. If your soil is low in organic matter, our Organic Soil Conditioner can be applied to correct the deficit.

What is Organic Soil Conditioner (OSC)?

Organic Soil Conditioner is like a vitamin boost for your soil and is typically made from composted manure or plant materials. When applied to your lawn, Organic Soil Conditioner adds important nutrients to your soil, increasing your organic matter and creating a rich, healthy environment where your grass can thrive. This means stronger roots, better water retention, and a greener, more vibrant lawn.

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Benefits of Increased Organic Matter

Our Organic Soil Conditioner is designed to address the low organic matter levels in soil in our region. By increasing organic matter, you will see numerous benefits.


Lusher, Greener Turf

Witness a visible transformation with healthier, thicker grass that thrives.


Moisture Retention

Clay soils loosen up, allowing water to soak in and stay put, reducing watering needs and stress on your lawn.


Nutrient Efficiency

Unlock the potential of key nutrients like calcium, magnesium, and potassium, allowing your lawn to truly flourish.


Soil Stability

Reduce erosion and runoff. Improved soil structure promotes deeper root growth and better water absorption.

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