Aeration & Seeding

Virginia Green provides top-quality double-core aeration, weed-free seed blends, and customized lawn care programs for a lush, healthy lawn you'll love.

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Aeration & Seeding is Key to Your Lawn’s Success

Aeration allows nutrients, water, and oxygen to penetrate deep into the soil, while seeding is a must for Tall Fescue grasses, which don’t regenerate and must be reseeded each year to establish new growth. Together, both are crucial for your lawn’s health.

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Cool Season

For cool season lawns, aeration and seeding begins at the end of August and is completed at the end of October.

This is the optimal time to aerate your lawn and plant seed in preparation for the spring, because cooler weather will allow seed to germinate and grow.

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Warm Season

Warm season lawns benefit from annual core aeration during the summer which begins the first part of June and ends in July.

Virginia Green does not recommend seeding during the fall for warm season lawns as it weakens the turf the following summer and creates other issues which reduce the overall turf quality.

Lawn Programs


Revitalize Your Lawn with Our Top Aeration and Seeding Service

With double-core aeration and a proprietary, 100% weed-free seed blend, Virginia Green offers the area’s top aeration and seeding service. This critical service, along with our comprehensive lawn care programs, is designed to keep your lawn healthy and green, all year long.


Service Details

Our certified technicians will pinpoint concerns and offer tailored recommendations to enhance the overall vitality of your landscape, ensuring top-tier tree and shrub care.


Detailed Instructions for Preparing Your Lawn

You can expect to receive information on the tools and materials you'll need, as well as guidance on best practices for each step of the lawn preparation process.


Double-Core Aeration of the Lawn

This provides more comprehensive aeration and helps ensure that the lawn receives maximum benefits from the aeration process


Seeding Guidelines With Bonus Grass Seed

Our seeding services include applying 6 lbs of seed per 1,000 sq. ft and providing you with a complimentary 5 lb bag of Virginia Green grass seed to address any sparse areas.


Post-Service Care

You will be provided with comprehensive post-service watering and mowing guidelines, ensuring the ongoing establishment of a lush, drought-resistant lawn.

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Is Aeration & Seeding Right for Your Lawn?

We're here to help you pinpoint the necessary services for your lawn. Gain a better understanding of your lawn's needs by completing our estimate form or by contacting us directly.

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