What are Ladybugs Doing in My House!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Are Ladybugs In My House During the Winter?

Ladybugs tend to seek warmth to hibernate during the cold winter months, entering your house through small cracks along windowsills, doorways, and under clapboards. Ladybugs gather in groups when they hibernate, so if you don’t repair/seal their entranceways, you are more than likely going to see more. They prefer humidity, but homes are usually dry during the winter so if you’ve ever found a dried-up ladybug, it’s because of dehydration.

How Do I Remove Ladybugs Without Killing Them?

A good way to get rid of ladybugs while keeping them alive (because let’s face it, they are harmless and pretty) is to use a clean shop vacuum (it will not harm them) and put a clean cloth inside to catch them. Then simply carry the cloth outside and transfer them to your lush, Virginia Green Treated lawn. Save a ladybug today!

Three fun facts about Ladybugs

  • The bright colors on the back of ladybugs is to warn predators to stay away  
  • Contrary to popular belief, you cannot tell a ladybug’s age by counting its spots 
  • Ladybugs eat aphids 

What Happens To Your Lawn During The Winter?