The Tent Caterpillars Are Out

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Tree and Shrub Manager states that we are seeing signs of the Eastern Tent Caterpillar active in our area, not to be confused with bagworms or webworms. They build “tent” like nest in the crotches of the trees where they feed. These caterpillars are leaf chewers, and while they can defoliate a tree when the population is high, rarely is this feeding fatal, and a healthy tree will push out new growth. 

The Eastern Tent Caterpillars emerge and feed in early-mid spring and then move on in their lifecycle, while the tents remain until they weather away. 

They mainly feed on Maples, Cherries, Plums, and Apples. Virginia Green controls them by spraying susceptible trees with horticultural oil during Tree and Shrub applications. The oil smothers and kills the eggs. Cultural control is as simple as breaking open the nest, it provides access for the caterpillar’s natural predators. 

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