Pruning Boxwoods

Tree & Shrub Care

How to Prune Boxwoods 

Boxwoods are beautiful shrubs which can enhance and beautify your landscape. Often used as a hedge, they can form a screen against unsightly views. Like most shrubs, boxwoods need dead or crossed branches cleaned out and removed, as they can restrict healthy growth. 

Virginia Green recommends pruning around Saint Patrick’s Day, or later, to avoid cold-temperature injury to your plants. If done too early, new growth that appears after trimming boxwoods may not have enough time to harden off before being exposed to frost and freezing temperatures. This can lead to dieback and the need to prune again. Typically, during the growing season, the only pruning to boxwoods should be light tip pruning for cosmetic reasons. 

Pruning is best done with hand shears and hand pruners. We recommend hand shears over electric ones. Additionally, plant age should be taken into account when deciding to prune. Young plants benefit from frequent pruning, which should be completed during the first few years of life. This will encourage branching, which results in denser growth and defined shape. 

Proper pruning of boxwoods helps your plants look lush and stay healthy for many years. Virginia Green offers tree and shrub services to help keep your landscape healthy with fertilization as well as insect and disease preventative treatments. Contact us for a free estimate or call us at (804) 285-6200.