The Pain of Wild Violets

Frequently Asked Questions

Killing and Removing Wild Violets 

Controlling wild violets in the lawn is one of the most difficult tasks for homeowners. Wild violets are perennials (return every year) that can take over a lawn in a few seasons if left untreated.  They are usually first noticed in late spring/early summer. Virginia Green treats for wild violets, and if we’ve been working with you for some time, we have likely reduced their numbers. However, it might take 3+ years to rid your lawn of wild violets. 

Why is it so hard to kill wild violets? 

Aren’t violets like any other weed? Unfortunately no, violets are in a league of their own. They are so difficult to handle because: 

  • The flowers beneath their leaves are self-fertilizing and don’t need to bloom to reproduce 
  • Their heart shaped leaves have a waxy coating making it extremely difficult for herbicides to penetrate 
  • They have a very extensive root system, which makes them able to survive extreme climate changes (extreme heat, cold, drought, etc.) 

How do I get rid wild violets? 

Violets are basically the Superman of the broadleaf weeds—they can’t be killed in a simple treatment or two. It is a process, so please bear with us as we try to rid your lawns of these difficult weeds. 

If you are seeing wild violets in your lawn, Virginia Green can help! Check out our Lawn Care Programs or contact us today to speak with someone about solutions for your lawn. 

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