How to Remove Moss

Frequently Asked Questions

Moss can become prevalent in Virginia’s lawns during times of wet weather. Moss are non-vascular plants typically found in moist, shaded areas with poor airflow. Lacking seeds and flowers, they reproduce via spores. The weed control applications contained in Virginia Green’s programs will not help eradicate moss. 

How do I get rid of moss? 

  • Change the environment – Tree removal and/or pruning will allow more sunlight and better airflow. 
  • Install drainage in areas that stay wet. 
  • Remove the moss with a shovel or stiff-leaf rake – This should be done in late summer/early fall before aeration and seeding services. 
  • Consider alternatives to grass – Install landscape or hardscape in areas that are unable to support turf. 

Does adding lime to the soil prevent moss?  

Lime is very important to Virginia soils to maintain a proper pH balance and helps alleviate the acidity of the soil – but alone cannot remove moss. The presence of moss does not always indicate a low pH (acidic soil). To accurately gauge the pH of the soil, a soil test is required. This is a free service provided to Virginia Green’s Estate Lawn Care customers and is offered to our Premium Lawn Care customers at a discounted rate. 

Why can’t I just spray moss killer? 

Several moss control products can be readily purchased in local hardware or landscape retailers. While effective for killing moss if correctly applied, the results will be temporary. Moss will quickly begin to grow back unless the environment is altered. Use caution if attempting to use these products since some may not be safe to use on grass. 

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