Controlling Bermudagrass in My Virginia Lawn

Lawn Care

What is this vine-like, spreading grass in my lawn? 

Common Bermudagrass, also known as wiregrass, is a warm-season perennial turfgrass. It spreads laterally through stems called rhizomes and stolons. It has excellent heat and drought tolerance but cannot handle shade. It can be a very invasive and difficult grass to control. 

How did Bermudagrass get in my lawn? 

Bermudagrass is very common in our climate. In fact, most lawns have it to some extent in full-sun areas. Central Virginia is known as the transition zone, meaning our climate has extreme fluctuations between seasons. Therefore, it is very normal to have a mixed stand of turf. 

How do I get rid of Bermudagrass? 

There is no permanent solution for Bermudagrass. However, Virginia Green does offer two options for dealing with this invasive grass: 


  • Required when there are large areas/patches of solid Bermuda 
  • Consists of multiple applications of a nonselective herbicide 
  • Kills all of the turf in the area it’s applied 
  • Sprayed in August when Bermuda is actively growing 
  • Will not completely eradicate Bermudagrass immediately, it will likely return over the next few seasons 
  • Will need to aerate and seed to re-establish fescue 
  • Consists of aeration and overseeding for repair 
  • Provides better seedling coverage to the bare areas 


  • Lawn has scattered Bermuda within a solid stand of fescue 
  • Will NOT eliminate Bermudagrass 
  • Only suppresses the population currently in the lawn 
  • Aeration and seeding is necessary 
  • Builds more fescue into the lawn 
  • Needs to be ongoing from year to year to continue to suppress the Bermudagrass 
  • Consists of 4 applications over the summer months 

Can Virginia Green help control the Bermudagrass in my lawn? 

Although this is a very invasive, difficult grass to control, we do offer some options. For treatment options, consider one of our lawn care programs, or contact us for information.