Blooming Cherry Trees

Tree & Shrub Care

Almost everyone can agree, you know its spring once you see the cherry tree blooms. 

What are different types of Cherry trees?  

There are a couple of types of flowering Cherry trees, but the most common type is the Yoshino. The Prunus serrulata or Yoshino Flowering Cherry Tree is widely used as an ornamental tree; valued for its abundance of soft, pink flowers in spring. The tree is a native of Japan and was introduced in the states around 1902. This tree loves full sunlight and grows rapidly when planted in a spot that offers favorable conditions. 

Where do Cherry trees grow best?  

Neither stress-tolerant nor highly drought-tolerant, Yoshino Cherry should be located on a site with loose soil and plenty of moisture. The soil should be moist but not wet as these trees do not tolerate saturated soils. 

Do Cherry trees need pest control?  

As far as pests go, the Cherry tree does have a few enemies. Aphids, scale, and mites are all pests of this particular host. But with a well-planned integrated pest management program, their populations should not be damaging enough to harm the tree. 

Cherry Blossom Festival  

Every spring, one of the largest collections of Cherry trees bloom in Washington, DC. The Cherry Blossom Festival is a celebration in our nation’s capital to commemorate the gift of 3,000 Kwanzan and Yoshinos from Japan. The first festival was held in 1927 and has grown in popularity since. For more information about the Cherry Blossom Festival please visit www.nationalcherryblossomfestival.org