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An in-ground sprinkler system might seem like a high-tech luxury for the elite, but it’s actually just an easy and efficient way of keeping your lawn and garden healthy. You may be surprised to learn that sprinkler systems are affordable, too. Modern sprinkler systems are designed to deliver just the right amount of water to your grass and plants to keep them green and healthy. Sprinkler systems offer myriad environmental, financial, and aesthetic benefits to the homeowner.

Environmental Benefits

  • Modern sprinkler systems use sophisticated moisture sensors, water gauges, and timers to ensure only the amount of water your lawn needs is delivered. Such irrigation systems are designed to NOT waste water. In fact, they save water when compared to imprecise manual watering. The following graphic from RainBird shows the difference in water use between manual watering and automatic watering.

    Graph that demonstrates that automatic watering uses much less water than manual watering.

    Graphic courtesy of RainBird corporation.

  • A healthy and well-watered 50’ x 50’ turf area will absorb carbon dioxide, ozone, sulfur dioxide and other greenhouse gases while producing enough oxygen for a family of four. (Source: Bio Green Blog)
  • Healthy turf has an advanced root system that protects from erosion and runoff. (Source: Bio Green Blog)
  • The cooling effect of an average size lawn is greater than a typical home’s central air conditioning system and also traps tons of airborne particulates. (Source: Bio Green Blog)

Financial Benefits

  • A well cared-for and beautiful lawn with an in-ground sprinkler system can increase a home’s property value by an average of 15%.
  • Since a sprinkler system uses just the right amount of water, you can save money on your water bill when compared to manual watering.
  • You’ll save lots of time by not dragging around a hose as you did when you previously  watered your lawn manually.

Aesthetic Benefits

  • Lawns that are watered properly by an in-ground sprinkler system look healthy and green, greatly increasing the curb appeal of your property.Interested in helping your lawn reach its full potential? Consider Bio Green’s lawn care services to ensure your lawn gets all the nutrients it needs too!
  • A good sprinkler system is almost never seen. That’s because the optimal time to water your lawn is in the early hours of the morning, which your sprinkler system controller will automatically take care of.

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