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Sprinkler systems are a valuable investment for your home, and that’s why having warranties for your system is important. A warranty provides not only protection from unexpected and annoying breakdowns and malfunctions, but it also offers peace-of-mind. When it comes to a sprinkler system, there are two types of warranties you should be concerned with:

  • The warranties on system components from the manufacturer
  • A warranty from your irrigation contractor for the workmanship done on your irrigation system

Manufacturer’s Warranty

A name-brand manufacturer, like Hunter, Rain Bird, or Toro will stand behind the components used in your system. These manufacturers typically offer one to five-year warranties on parts Should something go wrong with a component in your system (that is found to be due to defects in manufacturing or workmanship), the manufacturer will pay to have the part professionally replaced. Depending on the terms and conditions of the specific warranty, the actual labor to install the replacement part may or may not be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. Most manufacturers also have exclusions for repair or replacement of parts that malfunction due to misuse, negligence and other matters. When selecting the components (or engaging a contractor to select those components during the design phase), be sure to review the manufacturer’s warranty terms and conditions.

Contractor’s Workmanship Warranty

Your contractor should stand behind the work of their irrigation team. Any issues that may arise because of the contractor’s workmanship should be covered for repair or replacement if necessary. Contractors typically offer a one-year labor warranty on installation, although you should ask your contractor if an extended warranty is available. Bio Green proudly offers a one year warranty on labor.

A good warranty will include provisions for:

  • A promise to perform all installation work in a professional manner using high-quality materials and supplies and in conformance with applicable irrigation/plumbing code standards.
  • A promise your system will be free of defects due to workmanship for an agreeable length of time following installation.

To obtain warranty service, contact your contractor immediately (but within the warranty period) after noticing a defect/issue. When you submit a claim, your contractor will inspect the issue area and determine the validity of your claim. In addition, you should be familiar with what isn’t covered by your warranty. Ask your contractor if you have questions about this. Your contractor likely stipulates the exclusive right to modify/service your system. Adjustments (beyond normal operation) by anyone other than your contractor will likely void your warranty.
Bio Green guarantees our work and offers a warranty on all new irrigation system installations. Call our office in Sterling, Virginia at (703) 450-0034 or visit our website at

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