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Dry Granular Fertilizer

  • Slow-release granules gradually release nitrogen as temperature, moisture and microorganisms break them down.
  • Slow-release, granular feedings create a longer-lasting, rich green color and eliminates the “surge” growth that occurs after liquid feedings.
  • Properly applied slow-release granular products limit runoff and “drift.” This is better for the environment and won’t harm neighboring trees and shrubs.
  • The granular system feeds through the roots and helps promote deeper, denser root growth.
  • Bio Green spot sprays weeds to supplement granular applications instead of mixing everything together into a “soup” to be applied in one trip over the lawn.
  • The Bio Green system of separate applications limits the amount of chemicals used and allows us to tailor fit a lawn care program to the specific needs of each lawn.

Liquid Fertilizer

  • Quick-release liquid is absorbed through the leaves of the grass and can promote “surge growth.”
  • “Surge growth” requires frequent mowing, results in heavy grass clippings, detracts from root growth, and builds up thatch faster.
  • Quick release liquid fertilizers usually create a green lawn quickly but only for a short period of time. They also have greater potential to burn grass.
  • Liquids tend to dry on the leaf’s surface and can be less effective due to breakdown by sunlight and wind, can be washed away by rain, and mowed off and removed with the clippings.
  • The mist of liquid herbicides can easily ‘drift’ with a gust of wind damaging nearby flowers, shrubs and trees.
  • Liquid fertilizer applications usually include weed control, insecticide, etc. to “blanket cover” the whole lawn regardless of need. This means more chemicals than necessary are used every time your lawn is serviced.
  • Most companies that use mixed liquid lawn fertilizer often apply the same chemical treatment to every lawn (i.e. you get what your neighbors get!).
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