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Irrigation System Controller Programming

After your sprinkler system is installed, the next step in completely automating your lawn watering tasks is programming your sprinkler controller. Properly programming your sprinkler controller can save you thousands of gallons of water and help to ensure the health...

Irrigation Installation Basics

Depending on when you are reading this article, the summer heat is fast approaching, in full swing, or has just passed and you are looking for some help on deciding whether installing a lawn irrigation system is right for you. This article should help answer some of...

Sprinkler System Plumbing

Sprinkler systems are a valuable investment in your lawn and your property as a whole. They’re also permanently buried underground, so it’s important that your sprinkler system is installed right the first time. Since sprinkler systems are a plumbing fixture, the...

Lawn Irrigation Design Best Practices

Every lawn irrigation system regardless of size, should adhere to irrigation system design best practices in order to maximise the benefits of the irrigation system. This article explores lawn irrigation design best practices of efficient and long lasting lawn irrigation systems.